Beat street is da best movie i hav eva seen the best bit is when lee is break dancin and when ramo finally finds who spit is

>>By DOSE   (Thursday, 21 Nov 2002 18:42)

Yo, the beatstreet soundtrack is the bomb! We're talking those slammin wicked old school beats.

>>By Shorty   (Sunday, 15 Dec 2002 18:58)


>>By the spit   (Saturday, 4 Jan 2003 23:38)

Beat street is far out the best and closest to the originators and makers of what we have today. Breakin and Breakin 2 electric Bugaloo were just hype stalkers looking to steal the audience from the truth. Beat street told it like it was, is and where it was heading. Breakin and all the others imitated the style and life of poverty stricken kids that inspred a nation in dance, music and apparel. Keep it up and remember old is new school and class has just begun.

>>By fett   (Sunday, 5 Jan 2003 22:36)

does any body know the lyrics to jingle jangle for the poor

>>By blackking   (Saturday, 11 Jan 2003 01:04)

what is there to talk about ? , it was real & is real today still , long live beatstreet!!! , the music was all that, even the background " unknown " tracks!

>>By greg g   (Thursday, 16 Jan 2003 03:12)

I had it a couple of years ago but lost track of it!
Anyone know where to find it please let me know.
If you haven't seen it...YOU SHOULD!!!
If you wanna know what HiPhOp = all about that is...
If you wanna know what HiPhOp = definatly not about...check out P.Diddy & the millions of other FAKE BITCHEZ claimin' to reprazent these days...

>>By 1N@stie@ssMoth@Fuk@!   (Tuesday, 18 Feb 2003 17:55)

Beatstreet comes out in April, i am looking foward for this.

>>By craze   (Tuesday, 18 Feb 2003 22:30)

i love that movie. As a white kid growing up in the suburbs I feel that movie really connected to me in some way that I cant describe. Does anyone know where I can get the soundtrack, because I cant find it anywhere in San Francisco. Is there anywhere in Los Angeles that has the soundtrack?? The best part of the movie was when Lee was breaking with the other Bronx rockers in the club.

>>By saro   (Friday, 21 Feb 2003 20:36)

Where can i find the screenplay to beatstreet online?

>>By josh iowa   (Monday, 24 Feb 2003 10:47)

Sadly, the movie and the soundtrack are both out of print. Its the #1 most wanted album out there--all the spinners and DJs want it, along with all of us who want it to breakdance to. Wicked awful, isn't it? Who said it was coming out in April? Speak on it, if you know anything...

>>By Shorty   (Sunday, 2 Mar 2003 19:15)

Beatstreet Is by far the bomb movie, I love lee soooo much I wonder what he's doing right now, so he can show me some movez...(a shout out to all the breakerz in the world)... I luv ya!

>>By Lee's Wife -E   (Tuesday, 11 Mar 2003 03:02)

Beatstreet was the first movie i've wachted, back in the days, when breakdance really starts to elevate internationally. Even today there isn't a movie that can top this one! Really dope and straight, no commercial bullshit, just love...for hip hop
What can i say more? i'm out, Selfmade

>>By Selfmade   (Tuesday, 18 Mar 2003 13:48)

Watching this film takes me back to the 80's. Filled with memories, Beatsreet holds it down for all those pioneers who opened the doors for today's wanna-be's. Beatstreet comes out on DVD April 1st, 2003. Get it while it's hot! Never mind... It'll always be hot!

>>By kewball   (Sunday, 6 Apr 2003 18:09)

For the record: no DVD can top Beatstreet, but i saw today on, that the DVD of Style Wars is in store! Just something for the collection of the diehard hip hop headz!!

>>By Selfmade   (Friday, 11 Apr 2003 16:07)

Yo!! I just picked up the movie on DVD and it takes me back. This movie is a snapshot of my childhood. Growing up in NJ and having bro's who were part of a breaking crew was totally tight!!

>>By Boricua   (Tuesday, 22 Apr 2003 01:09)

anyone got the complete track listing, or know the title of the tracks during the break off scene?

>>By willis   (Wednesday, 23 Apr 2003 16:26)

Hey does anyone know a good site to download the movie ?

>>By Kwik   (Friday, 25 Apr 2003 18:03)

I'm a dancer and I love beatstreet, the music is tight, the dance moves is off the chain then you got the rock steady crew on their 2 man can't nobody beat that. When is they going to make a beatstreet 2 who ever know e-mail me at

>>By Bodean   (Sunday, 27 Apr 2003 17:16)

beatstreet is a great movie , as a bgirl that i am
the movie gave me true inspiration. Because thear are not many gils breakin and the girl from beatstreet rocks if they remake or make beatstreet 2 then the got 2 have more bgirls

love peace boogshe electricfemale

>>By boogshe   (Monday, 28 Apr 2003 16:39)

ho ho ho, open up ya door, I'm santa claus and guess what ya'll, i got somethin' to show, i came to bring some christmas spirit, i got a big bag now guess whats in it, some for the rich and some for the po', so merry christmas and a ho ho ho.
Ho ho ho merry christmas my foot, i'mma tell ya what santa really put, under my so-called tree but in reality....looked like nothing but a decorated pole to me
Man talk about a tree... it makes me wonder cause i never had a tree to put anything under, if i ever did luck up to get a tree, there was never anything under it for me,
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It sounds good to me cause i'm about to freeze, you wanna see somethin'......look at the bottom of these, me and my brothers can't go out..... at the same time cause a coats thats theirs is a coats thats mines
Man i know one thing, you'd better get off my neck, and wait til you get your welfare check, go down to the office and stand in the line, better hurry up ...see... i got mine
Thats why the presents keep getting mixed up, cause year after year you keep f-ing, and now i know why cause you always drunk, instead of GI Joe, you send me this junk
That aint a GI Joe, thats a GI Jerk, wit a kung fu grip that don't even work, so all i did was just put him away cause my GI Joe looked GI Gay,
Something Something...................................................great
GI Joe's gay what different does it make, after all he's just a doll, aint too much he can do, if you ask me boy i aint too sure about you.
Listen BoLo with your big fat suit, next time say no... don't send no substitute, cause i asked you for a beatbox and you know what i got, Dougie Fresh.... you know that kid from down the block.
Dougie beatboxin'.............
Something Something..................................we must admit, Dougie Fresh was good and made a perfect fit, he's only real reason we weren't totally mad, without Dougie ...yo' our christmas would have been really sad.
Forget silent night, and jingle bells, and all those christmas rhymes, cause nobody give a sh*t about reindeer and hard time, just jingle , .............and jangle, and hang out wit the po' , ..............and once you get your welfare check .......but reindeer by the score. or ya'll can kiss my missle toe.

>>By hip hop hed   (Thursday, 1 May 2003 20:58)

beatstreet was killer an't no movie like it


>>By k   (Sunday, 22 Jun 2003 21:13)

i'm looking for beatstreet soundtrack. do anyone know what website it's on.

>>By melita   (Monday, 23 Jun 2003 01:46)


>>By CHRIS   (Monday, 14 Jul 2003 22:15)

am i the only one from the uk who has seen this movie ? i have talked about it for so long without proof that it exists my wife thought I was mad at last proof . Can anyone point me in the right direction to buy this classic?please help an ageing breaker

>>By scott   (Thursday, 17 Jul 2003 23:49)

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