I'm addicated to this friend saw it and hated it. Bowie was awsome. Anyone else out there see this movie?...I'd like feedback..coca

>>By coca   (Tuesday, 13 Apr 2004 02:21)

got a kick outta bowie is this movie.
dennis hopper too.

in the Blondie video for the song "Rapture" the real Basquiat appears in the background during a couple of scenes.
(he's "graffiti-arting" a wall)

>>By Helmet   (Tuesday, 13 Apr 2004 03:41)

good movie...depressing...courtney love looked like shit...still a good benicio del toro...

`·.¸ PaPerCuTs

>>By Isobel   (Tuesday, 13 Apr 2004 05:56)

Really enjoyed this flic. Bowie & Hopper were great. Courtney Love looks even worse now - heading down that dope fiend trail.

>>By kesh72   (Tuesday, 13 Apr 2004 09:36)

Ill keep my eye out for the real Basquiat...thanks ..coca

>>By coca   (Thursday, 15 Apr 2004 08:17)

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