>>By g   (Wednesday, 16 Apr 2003 23:00)

can you buy this on dvd yet?

>>By Dancer   (Sunday, 27 Apr 2003 21:55)

This is just an amazing movie about an amazingly unknown period in Beatles & rock history. The movie is really about their original bass player Stu Sutcliffe, a proto-punk rocker and artist. He died at the age of 21 as the Beatles band was adapting their style from the raw heavy rock to mainstream pop rock. You see, in those days, a rock band could not get anywhere by playing loud & heavy and swearing onstage. So the Beatles had to change, or else continue playing bars and clubs making hardly any money as they are seen doing in this movie. The people in the bars and clubs loved the Beatles raw energy and dangerousness. Popping speed, drinking heavily and working up the audience. Prostitutes, street fights, drugs, death, love and music. This was the chaos the Beatles emerged from, the streets. In these very early days, the band played with such an intensity, such raw and raunchy rock, that it was in this period that future legends Ozzy Osbourne and Lemmy Kilmister first experienced the Beatles and got influenced.

Having said that, there are hardly any recorded tapes of the Beatles from this period. Portable tape recorders were only starting to appear! Using what little does exist, a new band consisting of members of Nirvana, REM, Sonic Youth and others re-recorded new versions of the songs for the movie. That these artists of stature from the 90s did this shows how influential even this early period of the Beatles is!

This is the period that the Beatles were "getting back" to with the "Let It Be" album. Back to roots raw heavy edged rock that they were originally known for. One of the reasons I think the Beatles always will be the greatest band, they did it all.

I watch the movie for this aspect, although for the average movie goer, the storyline about original bassist Stu Sutcliffe and photographer Astrid getting together, with John getting jealous, should hold them in between the recreated concert scenes.

Rated "R" !!! For nudity, drug use and foul language

>>By SulfurFury   (Thursday, 18 Dec 2003 21:33)

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