i cant beleive im the first one to post here!!! This film is funny as hell and casting in this movie was spot on... it was so funny espeically when they are singing in the office and the anchormen street fight, even ben stiller was in it for a few minutes being funny as hell as pour usually.Anchorman is a classic and such a kool idea for a movie!!!!

>>By zeromenace   (Tuesday, 1 Mar 2005 16:35)

still no1 posting here, was i the only one that found this movie funny!!! even the guy out of friends is in it and hes funny as hell!!!!!

>>By zeromenace   (Monday, 7 Mar 2005 14:01)

ok i better post again i suppose!!! hmmm i have to say its kool the way they captured the real issue that existed back then with womens rights and how they where treated in the work place although in a comedy way!!!! that pretty kool

>>By zeromenace   (Tuesday, 8 Mar 2005 16:39)

ok..i'll help ya out... it was funny, especially when he didn't know he was on the air. will ferrel is times he reminded me of chevy chase, maybe it was the hairdo...

>>By coca   (Tuesday, 8 Mar 2005 22:15)

thank you coca!!! i wont 4get you help here!!!
It was a good, and will ferrell acted a bit like the architect from the matrix spoof he did on the 2003 mtv movie awards which was funny as hell in both the movie and the spoof!!!

>>By zeromenace   (Wednesday, 9 Mar 2005 11:43)

he was great in old school...that was the name, right???..and men seeking women......that was a good one. i laught so much, when he played the weirdo in jail in starsky and hutch...(spelling?)...

>>By coca   (Wednesday, 9 Mar 2005 20:33)

the jazz flute scene was the best, i think i cried

>>By giambotta   (Wednesday, 9 Mar 2005 23:43)

haha this movie is great.

>>By Jane   (Thursday, 10 Mar 2005 04:36)

tooo hilarious, ballad of ricky bobby was great as well!

>>By raspberry_juice   (Sunday, 18 Feb 2007 03:55)

omg! this is one of the most legend movies eva!!! i love will farrel! whos seen blades of glory?? "i AM iceskatin!" hahaha! lmfao! and in anchorman the retarded guy... "i dont know wat were yallin about!!!!"

>>By ydoiloveu   (Saturday, 7 Jul 2007 22:08)

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