American History X


If you haven't seen this movie, you are missing something. This very thought provoking movie will open your eyes on racism, hatred, stereotyping and realization. Grade "B+"

>>By Aopu   (Friday, 13 Dec 2002 18:53)

raw as shit. great fucking performances.

>>By RaeKwon   (Sunday, 29 Dec 2002 06:58)

this film is fucking heavey and opens your eyes to the real world A*

>>By mc venom   (Sunday, 12 Jan 2003 19:43)

very shocking ending... pure brutal...

>>By zeph   (Monday, 17 Mar 2003 21:57)

the best movie made you all should learn from it like you should hate black

>>By xMAX   (Monday, 24 Mar 2003 19:32)

This is a great movie, Edward zNorton was robbed from an academy Award. anyone who has seen this movie, any perosn who is sane, should learn from this movie (white or black) some of the cmments made above are fuckin stupid and the people should be ashamed. Especially terro, black panther,isarm, both John Smith and Alex, X, and xmax. hwat do you think this movie was ment to mean. everybody who was in that film or helped make it should be and IS ashamed of you! (A+)

>>By ev   (Wednesday, 23 Apr 2003 03:02)

A very good movie, but I Cried like a babie the first time I saw it...

>>By jonie   (Thursday, 24 Apr 2003 13:43)

i like the song haha

>>By Zeta   (Saturday, 3 May 2003 08:24)

Jesus i love this movie. The only thing is, once ur a skin head, u dont change. Me myself, im racist and will always be racist. Im not gonna let some fucking movie tell me what to do

>>By NaziPunk   (Wednesday, 7 May 2003 19:16)

Somebody tell me where the music is available from.....

>>By Honest John   (Sunday, 1 Jun 2003 21:42)

This movie, American History X, is to me by far my favorite movie yet. It goes deep into the roots of neo-nazi's and skin heads and punx for that matter. It's a real message to those who believe and think that gangs are just make believe. But they are sadly for real. Racism of course is wrong, and most American's now adays know that, weather they choose to follow it is another. But this movie means alot to me, it portrays how what a man once thought to be his way of life, suddenly changed when he saw the bigger picture of it all. So I suggest to look around, before you get involved into certian things, in life, what is it that you want out of it, and who will it end up hurting?

>>By WRIGHT   (Sunday, 29 Jun 2003 03:52)

what a powerful film. It was very real portrayal of neo nazis and was sad but so true. I knew it was too late for there to be an actual happy ending so although it was dissapointing it just added to the reality of it all. Edward Norton delivers perfectly once again. Fairuza Balk had a small role but was excellent as well. A Must See Film!

>>By Le_Tigre   (Wednesday, 21 Jan 2004 01:45)

Great movie.Love the theme.All those who hate and discriminate others for being different,should learn something from it.This is also for all racists out there-white and black.
Nazi Skins Fuck Off!
Anarchy and Peace

>>By LiveForChange   (Saturday, 7 Feb 2004 03:45)

wow this chat is so sexy
i love this movie
hello people:D

>>By peaches_and_cream112ca   (Tuesday, 27 Apr 2004 23:23)'s a shoking movie but i love the theme which is actual and unfortunately neo-nasizm is growing but in disgised forms.NAZI PUNKS FUCK OOOOOOOOOOOOF!!!EXTREME PEACE NOW.

>>By the haunted   (Wednesday, 26 May 2004 16:42)

Is it wrong that I found Edward Norton so f-ing hot in this movie. Sure his words were poison... but baby -that body...grrrrr

>>By Celtgal   (Wednesday, 23 Jun 2004 23:15)

Just ignore the tattooes....

I watched it for the first time yesterday and it's brilliant, five stars. It should be shown in schools.

>>By Flagg   (Wednesday, 13 Apr 2005 19:33)

Do agree. But then show the teenagers the violence appearing ( unavoidable)
in the movie would probably scare the teacher's ass off. Some other point i noticed in this
movie is that it shows how easily people can get influenced a/o brainwashed by some person, idea, statement etc. It doesn't matter if it is stupid or brilliant : we can totally lose
ourselves in it and just follow.

>>By Sanvean   (Wednesday, 13 Apr 2005 23:53)

You're right, and I think that's one of the film's many morals. I suppose you couldn't say whether showing the film to a teenager would have a good or bad effect, but for most intelligent people, it makes a point that isn't 'we should hate black people'. There was one person on this board earlier who said that, I can't tell if they were joking. If they weren't then they must have - like - only watched half the film.

Anyway it was brilliant.

>>By Flagg   (Thursday, 14 Apr 2005 20:15)

>Jesus i love this movie. The only thing is, once ur a skin head, u dont change. Me myself, im racist and will always be racist. Im not gonna let some fucking movie tell me what to do

>>By NaziPunk (Wednesday, 7 May 2003 19:16)

You probably wouldn't be quite as racist if you went to jail and made friends with a black guy and got raped by another white supremist whom you thought was a friend.

>>By Flagg   (Saturday, 16 Apr 2005 21:00)

I love this movie. We watched it in History class because we never actually do anything, hah. But I thought it was excellent. It definitely taught some life lessons along the way. And in regards to NaziPunk, I don't see a problem in the way you think, as long as you don't act upon those thoughts. If everyone who was prejudice against anything would act upon their thoughts we'd be living in a worse world than what were are right now. Think about it, if everything in the world happened like it did in this movie, in Venice Beach, what would the whole world be like? I'd probably be dead right now, and have murdered a few people along the way. Everyone's got their prejudices, whether they have the courage to admit it or not.

>>By Wednesday   (Monday, 20 Jun 2005 03:21)

Ed Norton WOW one of his best performances, what a great movie, all of the actors are fantastic, I have watched this about 5, 6 times and can still not watch the part where he kills the guy outside his house I always hide behind a cushion and feel the pain and anger, amazing perfomance, Primal fear and fight Club are two other great movies he played a lead role in, clever actor that guy.

A must see, i will defo put this on for my son when he is ready to handle it, as I find that how this film show's racial hatred and cult like organisations that breed it are here right here right now. :o( and we must always hope for change xx

ps. I am pleased to see that it is shown in some School's !!!


>>By Mamma G   (Wednesday, 17 Aug 2005 16:39)

achtung !!!!!
achtung !!!!!

favourite scene..........
the family dinner
with lefty, jewish lawer (well done elliot gould)
descends into explosive verbal assaults & insults
mucho-kudos to stacy keach
his depiction of a twisted minder-bender of the young
i dunno
the whole "prison chapter" didn't really ring true to me
i think any white guy in the california penal system
do what it takes to survive his time as unscathed as possible
(despite his racial worldview)
but hey !!!!!
then we wouldn't have the "redemption" theme would we ???
it's an audacious piece of cinema
grabs you by the balls
doesn't let go

>>By Helmet   (Thursday, 18 Aug 2005 01:18)

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