Amelie From Monmartre


can you tell me the history of monmartre - the interesting stuff eg: painters, moulin rouge, poets and writers etc

>>By huney   (Monday, 11 Nov 2002 20:37)

hey everybody
I think that the movie is excellent !!!   (Thursday, 30 Jan 2003 19:56)

Dunno what it's talking all about, though I like it!

>>By X   (Thursday, 13 Feb 2003 23:22)

Also looking for info on all that good stuff....basically Monmartre in the 1880's....any one know anything?

>>By Shantay Diamanta   (Wednesday, 16 Apr 2003 18:49)

I love this film because feeling so lonely myself and trying to make friends and being so alone to find a person who tries to help people and to do that unconditionally is wondeful,some other people might try and fail but to encourage people in this attitude is something in society needed greatly to me.Saying that if someone tries to help and someone makes it clear they don't want help it has to be respected,but it would be amazing to meet a person like Amelie.However i don't see many people around me embracing the characteristiocs i love about her.I have only ever known unrequited love so to see amelie find love gives a rounded happiness,i wish i could find happiness the same.Audrey Tatou looks beautiful to me but looks more beautiful towards the end,if she is half as nice as amelie i would love to meet her.For society to be able to care without god amelie does.Thankyou.

>>By dean noble   (Friday, 6 Jun 2003 16:04)

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