As dangerous and deadly as the alien is, the alien is not the true enemy to man. I believe the movie displays an important moral message which describes the true enemy of man as being man itself. In whatever situation that the survivors are in is usually because other humans put them in that situation, usally the company. Even though the alien has an ever threatening presensce, it is usually the power/profit hungry company that puts the poor "victims" in that situation.

>>By grant ota   (Friday, 14 Feb 2003 05:09)

Aliens just shows us what might happen in the future, but more realistic in the serie Space Above And Beyond.
Anyway, humans should threat new things from space with care and don't try to bring the item (dead or alive) down to the earch before we are 100% sure that it will not harm us.

>>By WildOne   (Monday, 7 Apr 2003 13:24)

I also agree with Grant about how / why the characters of the film end up as "victims". However, I do not beleive that Mr Cameron was actually attempting to portray that, especially considering the type of audience he was surely trying to reach (young adults primarily interested in action-gore and aliens). As for god man..get a life. This is a sci-fi action film that is simply "solid" in every respect..Period.

>>By JazzCat   (Thursday, 24 Apr 2003 01:04)

grant, your talking about individuals, that has not much to do with mankind

>>By sven   (Sunday, 1 Jun 2003 19:12)

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>>By jimmyjimjoe   (Monday, 9 Jun 2003 22:34)

i thoroughly enjoyed the film aliens but as a scientist and as a profesor i must point out the corscendent flaws the ALIENS flick forgot to de-BUG, get it? The simple marticular fusion incinerated bye the flamethrowers in the cacooned area would send the heat exchangers ablaze and simply blow all of are space marine buddies to orbit, obviously sowhere in between LV-426 and Narcoteron 75. What do Aliens eat? I mean come on people where do they get this imposing strength from anyway? The sem-glatacious hardly ancordonian effects of the alien deoxyribonueclaic acid would put more than just a little micro scar on the face of Private M. Drake, smart gun operator and loyal colonial marine, 3rd division, west wing, 56th platoon. Am i the only one who thinks Lieutenent Samuel "Mr. straight out of officer canidate school nice hat asshole" Gorman is a virgin, I mean come on Jimmy C i wanna see Lt. Rambo buttfuckin' alien ass from here to the Frentosapien Galaxy. RIPLEY SHOULD HAVE DIED HANGIN ON THERE WITH HER BIPOLAR TRAVELIN SOLAR TO SOLAR PUNCUTATIONIST POSTERIOR. ~gravitational pull rules dude!~
heres the aliens rap for you hardovascular mo-fos:
semper fi wise guys ride or die
i spy hudson and hicks
butts they kick with military antidoates of butt kickin shit
you mo-fo alien BITCH

(chorus X2)
get away from her.......
get away from her you BITCH

gorman my as well as had his wrist slit
whats the top op
too bad burke shoulda got popped
by vasquez, marines got their azz kicked
newt needs to cut her hair badly
got one thing to say

chorus x2

this kid asked me if crowe lived
oh a oh a oh noooo bitch
thanks frost the battles lost
dietrich and apone shoulda ran like dogzzz
(backround:who let the bugz out "hiss hiss hiss hiss")
come in ferro wheres spunky?
i think he died the marines iz lunchmeat
break it down...
double take, drake got acid splashed on his face
ripley makes it out alive but is labled a headcase

im out my neogalactic semi ugertarushous mo-fos
keep ya pulse rifles loaded and locked for alien cock
and remember... what the PRO dont know, the company wont show

>>By profesor eggplanticus   (Wednesday, 18 Jun 2003 07:20)

...what the hell was that?

>>By endless_nameless   (Friday, 6 Feb 2004 03:18)

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