Alice In Wonderland


i need some help for a paper im writing about the disney movie..

>>By kristen   (Sunday, 8 Dec 2002 23:09)

Alice in Wonderland is a motion flim on the effect of the drug called LSD. the miss use of it in which Alice continues to do. growind small and growing tall. finding a cat in a tree thats purple and whom continues to disapper. the catapeler on the "mushroom". All subjects of pill taking

>>By Lynds   (Thursday, 10 Jul 2003 20:55)



>>By Grausig   (Friday, 5 Dec 2003 00:20)

Even if this movie is all about drugs, It's still one of my favourites.

Have a very merry un-birthday!

>>By Jane   (Saturday, 4 Dec 2004 16:16)

I used to love this movie when I was little because its just so amazingly fictional. Its just one big never-ending wonderland. I love it. And I still love it, even though, yes, its totally about drugs. Things you think are unexplained when you're a child, are explained when you realize that Lewis Carrol was on opium at the time, haha. Oh well, its just great and I love the movie more than anything. <33

>>By Wednesday   (Tuesday, 21 Mar 2006 22:59)

Ha Ha! Its so funny that all we can do is talk about Alice and drugs! I totally get it though. Try watching it when youre high - pretty cool!

>>By Honey Bunny   (Sunday, 18 Jun 2006 17:05)

Hahaha, I have, and it's pretty great. But, the people version that came out in like 1997 is even better because it brings things to life and incorporates some new things into the movie from the original book and Alice Through the Looking Glass.

>>By Wednesday   (Sunday, 18 Jun 2006 19:08)

I havent seen the "people version" yet. Or I might have, but I was too stoned to remember or something. Anyway, I will definately check that out!!! He he!

>>By Honey Bunny   (Sunday, 18 Jun 2006 21:20)

I hear that Marilyn Manson is working on a new, darker Alice movie. Can you imagine what that is gonna be like! I cant wait!!! He is set to direct the movie and play the role of Lewis Caroll.

>>By Honey Bunny   (Tuesday, 20 Jun 2006 10:46)

really that sounds cool.... sounds like what ill be doing for halloween planning on going as a gothic twisted sadistic version...either that or turn her into a burlesque queen... alice in wonderland dita von teese style.... how cool would it be if dita von teese got to be alice in wonderland if manson does do this film....

>>By spookygoth   (Wednesday, 21 Jun 2006 19:43)

Whoa, Dita would be awesome in Manson's film, except they always say that husband/wife projects always turn out awful ... but I believe that they could pull it off, because even if the movie was awful, I'd still pay to watch Dita for 2 hours. Haha. And that sounds awesome spookygoth! I went as a "bloody" alice last year ... my face was painted white and I had like scars on my face and I was wearing this white and blue lace dress with blood all over it and I had this huge, bloody, plastic knife ... it was fun.

>>By Wednesday   (Thursday, 22 Jun 2006 03:58)

well rob zombies house of a 100o corpses and devils rejects didnt turn out awful and they had rob zombies misses in em.
plus she was in his music video. mobscene and that worked out
i would defo pay to watch dita for 2 hours!

lol ye i cnt wait it will be well fun. going to do something as little red riding hood too i think thats for my bfs 21st. lol

>>By spookygoth   (Friday, 23 Jun 2006 15:29)

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