Aguirre Wrath Of God


Director Werner Herzog is just awesome. Fitzcarraldo, Nosferatu, Cobra Verde, & more, are titanic films too.
I've read about the guy, seen him in interviews, etc, & his whole outlook & ideology are unique. He hates TV too.

>>By nonyeb   (Tuesday, 10 Mar 2009 03:32)

I like all films with Klaus Kinski you could never tell what he was going to do in acting he was special kind of person

>>By -starsailor-   (Saturday, 28 Mar 2009 20:51)

Klaus was one of a kind, that's for sure. Intense, prima donna, incendiary, only begin to describe him.
I think he died young through sheer burn-out.

>>By nonyeb   (Sunday, 29 Mar 2009 00:51)

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