Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls


what? why am I the only one posting on this? oh well. can you feel it? huh? can ya feel it captain compost?

>>By Megano   (Tuesday, 4 Jan 2005 08:23)

hey this movie rules!!!! jim carrie is an amazing actor even though he can only do the stupid films

>>By trigger   (Tuesday, 4 Jan 2005 11:10)

Jim Carrey makes this movie good. Enough said.

>>By HybridCritter   (Tuesday, 4 Jan 2005 12:44)

I loved that movie so much. I've seen it so many times and still haven't got enough of it.. "When nature calls" is far better than the 1st part.. You know 'snowflake' :P Jim Carrey is a true genious and so fukkin funny. This comedy is a work of art *worship* And I'm still laughing my ass off everytime I see it :)

>>By Rocket_Queen   (Thursday, 6 Jan 2005 22:06)

this film was good and outshone the first in alot of places! and trigger jim carrey can do serious films like turman show whichs i a great film and man on the moon even though it was comedy it was seriuos in some places!!!!

>>By zeromenace   (Monday, 10 Jan 2005 14:49)

Sha Ka ka! and now the yak "eeeeeeuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrr" ah this movie is a classic! i love it! Jim Carrey is such a talented actor there's very few men who can act in this movie and eternal sunshine of the spotless mind his range is amazing but enough about him more about the film! HIGH HOE SILVER AND AWAY! oh the funniest moment has got 2b, the part where he's at the function and he meets the old bald guy with the monacle and is all like "and you must be the monopoly guy.............hey thanks for the free parking" then he punches him and wears him like a fur shawl! thats the best!

>>By Too Smart for a nickname   (Monday, 10 Jan 2005 17:37)

good call thats a classic bit!!! another great bit is when he in the cave of bats and he throws his necklace at them saying sumthing like " Take that you foul beasts of satan"!! and when he looks for prints in the hut and covers the whole room!!!! this movie rules its a pretty he wont make another one but you never know i supppose he doesnt want to be labelled as just ace Ventura

>>By zeromenace   (Tuesday, 11 Jan 2005 11:45)

Or when he's ,ahem, pleasuring himself in da hut and da guy walks in and he's like i must finish my meditation or else i'll get KRANKY!.................................brilliant!

>>By Too Smart for a nickname   (Wednesday, 12 Jan 2005 18:50)

brilliant scene, jim is do funny in this movie!!!! it a funny ass bit when he driving the monster " ahhh he wants to go off road" ..... classic

>>By zeromenace   (Wednesday, 12 Jan 2005 21:12)

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