I cant believe no one has started a discussion on this yet. Well this is the best action movie ever, i swear. I ohhhhd and awwwwwwd the whole movie, I believe this movie is for guys as well as girls(300 hot guys...). I loved it!

>>By jayulian   (Monday, 23 Apr 2007 23:13)

Ah yes... enjoyed the movie as well. I normally don't like movies with themes like these but it was good. I saw somewhere that the movie was historically inaccurate but I still like the movie. It has something for everybody.

>>By jeeper   (Sunday, 29 Apr 2007 14:59)

This film was just a nipple-festival full of cliches and lame dialogues. A lot of things, particularly the characters' costumes and features, were terribly exaggerated, which all became a bit ridiculous at one point. What was with that disturbingly hyped-up sex scene? The only redeeming factor was the somewhat "cool" fighting scenes, but even then enough was enough. The "alpha-manliness" throughout the film came across as a bit of a batallion of beefcakes (with digitally imposed abs, apparently) and there was enough staring to out-do Troy. But Troy is pretty bad so it's going to be hard to outright surpass that pathetic cobble of sandy sailors.


>>By peachbeach   (Thursday, 3 May 2007 20:38)

it's got a notion.

>>By Eyad   (Wednesday, 26 Dec 2007 18:36)

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