Step Mom


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being a stepmom myself, I really related to the Julia Roberts character. Although I didn't have it that bad, I can imagine it.

>>By pollyanna   (Tuesday, 18 Nov 2003 07:29)

what does Snow blowing mean?

>>By bearcat   (Thursday, 12 Aug 2004 07:38)

Oh my god, you guys are freaking retarded... snow blowing... Im gonna explain this as if I were talking to five year olds... not that I would ever discuss this with a five year old.

Are you ready for some sex ed. here....

1. Snow blowing does involove a blow job, but it's more complicated.

2. A blow job... is not intercourse!!!! I'm gonna explain this very simply... a blowjob is when a girl sucks on a guys penis when it's erect... for those of you who dont know what erect is... it's when a guys penis is straight out.

3. When a guy gets an erection he does something called ejaculating... this is when semen comes out of the end of his penis (also called cum in slang).

4. Now that you all know what those terms mean... snow blowing is when a girl is giving a guy a blow job and then once he ejaculates they start making out and swaping the semen (cum, sperm, love syrup... wutever you wanna call it) from mouth to mouth.

So basically:

1. girl sucks on a guys erect penis
2. semen shoots out of guys penis
3. girl transfers semen from the guys penis, to her mouth
4. they start macking on each other
5. girl puts semen in guys mouth while there macking on each other
6. guy puts semen back in girls mouth while there macking on each other

Thats as detailed as it gets... if you still dont get it... you obviouly havent had the sex talk so you were too young to read this in the first place and now your gonna have to go ask your parents what it is.

>>By Sweet_Melissa   (Wednesday, 28 Sep 2005 01:37)

okay. . .an erection isn't when a man's penis is straight out. . .not all men's erections are straight out. . .some are curved left or right. . .some point up. . .it varies from man to man.

the actual definition of an erection is when the two tubular stuctures at the bottom of the penis become engorged with venous blood.

another thing. . .an erection doesn't automatically lead to ejaculation. . .there has to be some form of stimuli. . .also. . .snow blowing can happen between two men. . .it doesn't have to be when a girl is giving a guy a blow job.

anyway. . .more on the subject of stepmom. . .this movie is really awful. . .julia roberts really should find a new profession!

>>By drowninginflame   (Thursday, 29 Sep 2005 00:54)

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