This is a really nice movie, as I went into watching it without knowing a thing of what it was about (thankfully due to lack of seeing any previews of it), and not knowing the direction it was heading for quite a bit of the way through. It's nice being able to be taken on a journey, without the expectation of cliche.

There's continuous references to wine, yet you don't have to be a winelover to enjoy. Miles is the embodiment of neuroticism; he's always screwing up in the most hilarious of ways (if you can empathise with him). He's the Jim of American Pie, without the obviousness of being caught with his pants down. Jack milks humour akin to that of Stiffler from AmPie, to continue the analogy.

There's no way this movie could win an Oscar for Best Picture because it's so simple (not grand enough for the Academics). And in this, it's refreshing and unburdening, knowing that the story is going to be simple, with few characters well characterised. One to see.

>>By ftad   (Tuesday, 24 May 2005 00:11)

i actually did see previews for this movie. . .and i knew i wouldn't like it. . .just from the 30 second spot i saw!

but alas. . .a friend and i went. . .and man should i trust my judgement!

i couldn't believe how absolutely horrible it was. . .i love paul giamatti. . .especially after american splendor. . .but even my love for him couldn't save this movie from my scorn. . .it was boring. . .about ridiculous infantile men sowing their oats. . .and it all took place in wine country in california. . .*feel my yawn*!

i think sideways is completely overrated. . .and i would never tell anyone to see it. . .unless they like crap. . .then i'd say. . .'oh yeah. . .go see sideways. . .you'll love it!"

it's a good thing almost everyone i know doesn't like crap. . .

>>By drowninginflame   (Sunday, 5 Jun 2005 05:29)

Oh I soooooo agree with drowningflame.....I DESPISE self loathing characters with no redeeming qualities. My greatest desire in this film was that Giamatti's character would be hit by the Wine Train!

>>By VoiceFan   (Monday, 6 Jun 2005 06:58)

well. i thought it was quite entertaining. the 2 guys are both misfits. i guess thats one of the reasons why i liked it......i know quite a bit of misfits.

>>By coca   (Tuesday, 7 Jun 2005 03:48)

Oh my god worst movie ever, its supposed to be a comedy, my arse, nothing funny about it at all! All it was was a couple of middle aged men either moaning or trying to f**ck everything in sight if i wanted to see that i would call down to my local pub on a wednesday. would not recommend this movie to anybody with a pulse.

>>By Too Smart for a nickname   (Friday, 26 May 2006 16:33)

i liked it.


>>By   (Friday, 9 Jun 2006 16:40)

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