Fight Club


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AWSOME is all I have to say

>>By kudos   (Tuesday, 11 Nov 2003 11:31)

Seeing this the second time around on dvd really opened my eyes to how powerful and deep it is. I am able to compare it to so many lessons I am learning in life including basic beliefs in philosophy and religion. There has been comparisons to this movie and Calvin and Hobbes as well. I can provide the link if anyone is interested. If you haven't seen this movie yet, go out and get it right now! the extras on the dvd are great as well especially the music video for "this is your life" by the dustbrothers. Brad Pitt and Edward Norton are a superb duo.

>>By Le_Tigre   (Wednesday, 21 Jan 2004 05:23)

brad pitt is hott....the movie was great if ur slow like me (lol) you gotta watch it twice...even if u got it the first time u gotta watch it twice just cuz its an awesome movie...brilliant

>>By lil_shorty452   (Saturday, 24 Jan 2004 19:38)

haha only twice?? i watched Fight Club enough to memorize the whole fsckin thing!
it is my Bible
greatest movie ever made!!
another great one with Ed Norton is American History X
a real eye opener to and white

Brad Pitt...he has enough movies i dont have to point to one


>>By lxlfreaklxl   (Monday, 2 Feb 2004 14:26)

I want you to hit me as hard as you can. Have you ever seen them open up a new package of taco meat at Taco Bell? It comes in a plastic bag. It reminds me of the bags of liposuctioned bags of fat every time is see it. Yum

>>By Spazzmania   (Wednesday, 4 Feb 2004 05:35)

While I'm glad to see so many fans of the film, I think most people missed the overall message of the film. Well, at least what I thought was the message. And that is: Sure, it looks cool to reject everything our society teaches us and start some kind of revolution the end, we become the very thing that we started out against!!! Why do all of these morons in Project Mayhem follow Tyler? In Tyler they trusted. But they don't know why! They can't ask questions. They follow blindly with no knowledge whatsoever of the "greater good" they're supposedly providing for mankind. Ed Norton's character is horrified by the end at how far things have gone. This movie (and book) are a statement on how alluring fascism can be and how hypocritical it all is. This is how shit like Hitler's regime gets started! I'll tell you one thing though...the movie is frickin' hilarious.

>>By The Walrus   (Wednesday, 4 Feb 2004 16:50)

it's surreal and marla singer is the best character ever acted by bonham carter.
fight club reverses the understanding of reality.
i think tonite i'm gonna see it again.

>>By AnneRice   (Wednesday, 4 Feb 2004 17:08)

I have lost count of how many times I have seen this movie. It's crazy. I too just about know every single word and phrase. I think it's stupid that most people don't understand the movie (or book), most people just like the fighting, and yeah, don't get me wrong, it kicks total ass, but the overall messages in the movie are what makes it so great!!

>>By SoulSlave   (Thursday, 5 Feb 2004 06:10)

"Oo. I haven't been fucked like that since grade school." -Marla

>>By Seward3   (Thursday, 5 Feb 2004 18:35)

It's a good movie, i read the book and saw the movie. The book is kinda confusing utill you see the movie, cause it's the same person with two charecters.

>>By polar5011   (Sunday, 22 Feb 2004 06:00)

I think the best part of the movie is in the end when the nude pick is spliced in to make the whole movie a big joke that isnt to be taken to serious even though it made some great points thats just not how the world works.

>>By Billy Pilgrim   (Wednesday, 3 Mar 2004 00:22)

I see the very deep roots of our endless lifes.

YOU are not your credit Card, or the clothes you are wearing....................

Produce to death.....
Comsume to death

>>By Must-afa   (Friday, 5 Mar 2004 22:16)

Guys (i use the term generically, rather than specifying any gender) - have you noticed that after all the threads on this talking about how great it is (it is - see my earlier comments) and about how its a revolution in the head against consumerism - the links immediately below take you to E-Bay where you can,er, buy loads of Fight Club stuff??! lol!

"You're not your fucken khakis", indeed! pml!

Love and peace, people.

>>By Neddy   (Saturday, 13 Mar 2004 20:20)


This film has changed the world. It's not just a film, it's a hive of subliminal images and brialliantly original messages. It tells men of today exactly what our problem is - WE'VE ALL BEEN RAISED BY WOMEN. Who taught us how to shave? Mom? No - we did things like this ALONE. This makes us better than our chickenshit fathers who bailed.

I agree with Tyler:


I really respect the guy who said he watched it then sold his TV and PS2. Just shows you the power of a good film. But hell - to call this just a film is to insult it. It's a movement, a revolution, a bomb waiting to go off. It's me.

>>By SMASH_YOUR_FACE_IN   (Monday, 29 Mar 2004 16:24)

this is the greatest most screwed up film i have ever seen anyone know where i can get a beaker of acid?

>>By therion   (Tuesday, 30 Mar 2004 00:14)

i'm sure you could buy some on e-bay. "this is chemical burn. it will hurt more than you have ever been burned and it will leave a scar." "only after we've lost everything are we free to do anything." That's some good stuff!!

>>By SoulSlave   (Tuesday, 30 Mar 2004 04:26)


>>By therion   (Tuesday, 30 Mar 2004 16:34)

funny as shit! LOL but deep: we are our own worst enemies...we do beat ourselves to death dont we....? transcendental in a brutal way

>>By etas   (Tuesday, 6 Apr 2004 01:51)

and i did not even hear of the movie till my friend from France told me about it.
"this is your life, and it's ending one minute at a time"
I love this hiku..sp?
"flowers bloom and die
Wind bring butterflies or snow
A stone won't notice"
-page 67

>>By polar5011   (Wednesday, 7 Apr 2004 05:13)

You know what I find hilarious? All these people who claim to be enlightened by the movie and wanting to BUY shitloads of "Fight Club" stuff. I don't know, isn't that kind of ironic? A film that you people think is anti-commercialism, yet 20th Century Fox is making a killing on the merchandising.

Don't get me wrong, I love "Fight Club." I have a "Fight Club" T-shirt, and three pins/buttons, but I took this movie with a grain of salt. You people firghten me with your unflinching dedication to the Tyler code. That's exactly what the film is warning against!!! Blind faith in someone just feeding you half-baked philosophies.

I pity you all, you Space Monkeys.

>>By The Walrus   (Friday, 23 Apr 2004 17:18)

walrus - you have a good point there matey
the film is damn good (one of my favorites), but if you find yourself 'enlightened' by it, be worried, please

>>By Gautama   (Tuesday, 27 Apr 2004 11:51)

i thought it was a very original idea, very strange but also really good, movie!

>>By Fluffy_Bunny   (Tuesday, 27 Apr 2004 17:34)

i agree with gautama, if you get enlightened by this movie thats ok, but don't let it end there, read books by people like kant and goethe and kierkegaard and nietche. if you end on the phylosophy of a two hour movie than you aren't enlightened just slightly more educated.

>>By razumihin   (Wednesday, 28 Apr 2004 01:19)

Thanks for backing me up there, Gautama. I thought I was gonna get a bunch of Project Mayhem disciples threatening to cut my testicles off. I'm sure they'll be replying soon though.

I am proud to call you one of my single-serving friends. :)

>>By The Walrus   (Wednesday, 28 Apr 2004 16:43)

thanks, im sure theyll leave you alone if you can display a greater knowledge of the film/book than they have...

>>By Gautama   (Wednesday, 28 Apr 2004 21:10)

I just read thru the posts on this film. Yes, I like the philosophy, the acting, the direction, etc as well. The first time I saw Fight Club, I was
a bit put off by the ending. Thot it was tacked on, Hollywood. Then I realized it was an "unhappy" ending by conventional standards.
Tyler is reintegrated, accepting his insane side, and most of Wilmington Delaware is coming down (you know that's where it would have
to be, right?). So I've seen the movie a number of times. It introduced me to Chuck Palahniuk, who is amazing. Fincher did a fabulous job,
yes, but the basic idea, much of the dialog, the overall themes, etc, are true to Palahniuk's book. So now I've read all his books, and Fight
Club isn't necessarily my favorite. I suggest anyone deeply into the movie who hasn't read Palahniuk start with Fight Club even though litttle
of the book will of course surprise them. Then go in order. Of read my other favorites, Lullaby and Survivor. Survivor would make a great
Fincher film. Someone was apparently going to adapt the book, then 9/11 happened and the plane hijacking didn't seem like such a good
motif anymore. Yeah, well, rather than discuss that, enough time's gone by to put out a lot of terrorist-themed crap, let's see this movie made.
I have cast ideas even. Anyone here want to chime in on Survivor or Lullaby, the movie? Lullaby is so darkly funny that Fincher could make
another masterpiece. Not that you asked, but here's my casting plan: Carl Streator: John Cusack or Ed Norton. Helen Boyle: no question,
Catherine Keener. Would Cusack/Keener be a problem because of Being John Malkovich? Maybe. The only other actress I see as
Helen would be Linda Fiorentino, and she hasn't been doing much lately. Okay, there's more than my two cents.

>>By Arcana13   (Sunday, 2 May 2004 04:14)

Check out

And read "Culture Jam" by Kalle Lasn.

You will be rewarded.

>>By sir-rape-a-lot   (Monday, 24 May 2004 08:45)

It was funny that they used their cum in cream of chicken soup, that stopped me eating for awhile.

>>By nOel_x3   (Sunday, 30 May 2004 03:23)

good movie. good actors. i don't really have anything to complain about other than my cd player's skipping right now.

>>By orc   (Monday, 31 May 2004 00:51)

You wanna have insanity here is the real insanity! that will turn your whole identity to a space monkey ready to be shot in the space...
or maybe you should start your own fightclub in your place, or build an army without an authority that will change the whole world.= anarchist revolutionaries,,,living the world free of charge. fight the power who tries to control our lives.

>>By thoise   (Friday, 30 Jul 2004 12:58)

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