Das Boot


what do you think about the development of the captain's character throughout the film?

>>By frau   (Saturday, 4 Jan 2003 01:22)

Well having read the book and watched the various versions of the film - he remains constant all the way through I think although you come to see a little more of the sensitive nature of him. Sigh - ah but Jurgen Prochnow - oh my, I have had a crush since I was 15! hahaha

>>By Pomplemous   (Monday, 29 Sep 2003 14:48)

I really enjoyed this movie. This also because of the original language. I've seen more submarine movies, but even when they act to be Russian they still speak American.

This movie gives you a nice impression about the men who served their country. Their captain is also critical about their leaders. Their boat almost collapsed against another u-boot. There are also times the men have nothing to do. They get bored and their moral get down.

The time for the u-boots is changing, they're not superiour anymore. The captain knows this very well. He used to be a born sailor. He feels very responsible for his crew.

Although he knows he has a mission impossible he obeys his orders.

>>By leutnant werner   (Tuesday, 7 Oct 2003 17:47)

We watched this movie in my German class for extra credit and though originally I went just for the credit, the movie ended up making a big impression on me. The scene with the stranded, hurt American sailors was especially poignant.

And the end was so sad! I don't think there was an entirely dry eye in the classroom...even some of the "tough guys" were sniffling...

>>By Mara   (Tuesday, 7 Oct 2003 23:18)

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