This is an awesome movie.

>>By ZazzyZulu   (Saturday, 28 Dec 2002 06:27)

can anyone give me a good websie for movie stills from cb4

>>By vinroc   (Friday, 14 Feb 2003 00:35)

Anyone knows the name of the intro of the film?

>>By Ale   (Thursday, 27 Mar 2003 21:37)

is the best movie i've ever seen in my fuckin life!!!!

yo man!!!!

yo again!!!!!

>>By thugNigga   (Friday, 18 Apr 2003 03:30)

wacky D is gon' be in the house

>>By wacky j   (Tuesday, 1 Jul 2003 18:24)

cb4 is DOOOOOOOPE ya'll to siik to rekon with

>>By jam master nay   (Wednesday, 2 Jul 2003 15:08)

does any one know where i can get sound clips of "I'm Black Y'all"?

>>By Moonknight03   (Tuesday, 17 Feb 2004 22:57)

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