how long is it

>>By nelson   (Monday, 25 Nov 2002 00:02)

I love this musical. the songs and style are awesome!

>>By Britt   (Friday, 20 Dec 2002 18:37)

This musical is humerous and very suggestive but it is very relivent to the war and how everybody is effected.

>>By Elisha   (Thursday, 20 Mar 2003 06:15)

I'm a lezbien and i really think this play waz hot.

>>By Cassie Tilse   (Thursday, 20 Mar 2003 06:17)

What do you think of the play?

>>By Vanessa   (Tuesday, 25 Mar 2003 22:06)

im bent and i luv boys

>>By pinhead   (Wednesday, 2 Apr 2003 15:37)

hello there how r u

>>By pinhead 2   (Friday, 2 May 2003 15:05)

Hi boys, are any of you free for a good time tonight. i hope so. ;)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>>By pinhead on toor   (Friday, 2 May 2003 15:08)

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